Who is Catalyst Vapors?

Catalyst Vapors is not your typical Vape Shop. We pride ourselves in our bright, clean appearance. When we were looking to open a shop, we visited several other shops and took note on their appearance upon entering the store. We found most to be dark, dirty and dingy. We wanted to be different, more inviting. We wanted our customers to feel comfortable. Our current shop, located in Elko, Nevada, is very well lit, with an open and welcoming layout.

Our number one priority is customer service. Whether our customer is 19 or 90, we want them to enjoy their experience at our store. We greet our returning customers by name, and ask about their family. Our customers come from all walks of life. We have worked with customers who have smoked for 30+ years, and helped them stop smoking and start living a healthier lifestyle. We have found our customers come from all demographics, income level, race, and gender. It is important that we present ourselves in a manner that is professional for all. We stand by our sales, if there is an issue with a product purchased at our store, we strive to fix it. We feel that the most important aspect of any sale should be the interaction with our customers.

Secondly, we strive to bring the highest quality products on the market, to our customers, at a reasonable price. We have spent the last 15 months cultivating relationships with companies in the Vape industry, to ensure that we can provide our customers with the best products. We believe this has shown in return customers and in our sales. We are always bringing in new and exciting products and vape liquid.